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  • Create an object storage catalog #

    Starburst Galaxy supports access to the following object storage systems:

    See the requirements for each system:

    Object storage Authentication method Metadata service
    Amazon S3 Cross account IAM role or AWS access key AWS Glue, Hive Metastore, or Starburst Galaxy metastore.
    Azure Data Lake Storage ABFS storage account name, Azure service principal, or Azure access key Hive Metastore or Starburst Galaxy metastore
    Google Cloud Storage GCS JSON key Hive Metastore Service or Starburst Galaxy metastore

    In addition, Starburst Galaxy supports Tabular. Tabular is a central table store based on Apache Iceberg tables, for AWS S3 data.

    Use the information from the metastore to provide the necessary details to create an object storage catalog. The following is an overview of the catalog creation process:

    1. Provide a name for your catalog and a meaningful description.
    2. Authorize access to the data in your object storage. This step may require an access key.
    3. Configure access to the metastore.
    4. Select a default table format:

      • Iceberg table format
      • Delta Lake table format
      • Hive table format
      • Hudi table format

      We recommend using the default Iceberg table format. If you prefer an alternative, refer to the Storage page for information on each supported table format.

    5. Confirm that you have access to your data with a single button click.
    6. Configure read and write permissions for the catalog.
    7. Add your catalog to an existing cluster or create a new cluster.

    Your data is now ready to query using the query editor and SQL.

    Next steps #