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Data Analyst

Data Consumer

Accelerating data science with Trino

14 July 2021, 28m

This panel covers how Starburst and Trino assist in the responsibilities of data scientists, including collecting data, interacting with data, and making predictive models. They also discuss what data access means for data scientists, Trino use cases, and best practices for data scientists.

The State of Data Analysts

19 May 2021, 44m

This video reviews how the role of the data analyst has evolved over time. The demands of modern analytics, the advent of AI and ML, and the emergence of SQL-based MPP query engines like Starburst have altered the way analysts have traditionally operated.

SQL and Trino - The Golden Language Prevails

19 May 2021, 52m

SQL remains the dominant language for analytics. SQL-based solutions like Trino help you gain fast access to data to make informed business decisions. If you’re relatively new to this space, this session has everything you need to get started.

Mars - Enabling Profitable Growth by Leveraging Data and Analytics

19 May 2021, 20m

Mars, best known for its M&M's and Snickers brands, is in the midst of a major digital transformation with a very specific focus. The talk provides a great inside look at how a large, storied brand is approaching our data-driven future, and where data analysts fit.

What Data Mesh Means for Data Analysts

19 May 2021, 45m

This video focuses on the increasingly popular data mesh approach to enterprise architecture which calls for distributed, domain-oriented ownership of data. But what does data mesh actually mean for data analysts?

Securing Starburst Enterprise

26 August 2020, 2h 7m

This training session is geared towards helping Starburst Enterprise users securely deploy Starburst Enterprise at scale. We cover how to secure Starburst Enterprise as well as access to your underlying data.

Understanding and tuning Starburst query processing

12 August 2020, 2h 9min

This training session is geared towards helping users understand how Starburst executes queries. That knowledge can help you improve query performance.

Advanced SQL in Starburst

9 July 2020, 2h 14min

This video is designed to help users understand how to run more complex and comprehensive SQL queries with Starburst.

Data Engineer

Data Engineer

What data mesh means for data scientists

14 July 2021, 44m

Data mesh is both a technical and organizational approach to managing and accessing data. Join us for this discussion on how the data mesh impacts data scientists.

The intelligent edge

14 July 2021, 35m

An insightful session on the ‘Intelligent Edge’ by leading data scientist, Kirk Borne. He explains how the ability to use the intelligent edge and sensory data can allow data scientists to make better analytical decisions.

Demo - Red Hat OpenShift data science

14 July 2021, 14m

Karl Eklund, Principal Architect at Red Hat, shows how this tool provides a central location to explore data and build models. There is also no vendor lock-in, so users can use other tools, like Starburst, to better leverage this new technology.

Demo - Assurance and Starburst

14 July 2021, 26m

Mitchell Poslums, Senior Data Scientist at Assurance, shows how the implementation of Trino and Starburst “have really enabled [Assurance] to accelerate time to insights, improve our conversion rates, and enable robust modeling all coalescing to achieve better business outcomes.”

Lightning demo - ThoughtSpot and Starburst

19 May 2021, 8m

Demo of ThoughtSpot and Starburst. Delivered by Todd Beauchene, covers how to connect ThoughtSpot and Starburst.

Lightning demo - Tableau and Starburst

19 May 2021, 16m

Short demo of Tableau and Starburst delivered by Ben Lumbert covers how to connect Tableau and Starburst.

Starburst cluster sizing, and performance tuning

9 September 2020, 2h 15m

This training session is designed to help you tune and size deployments for optimal performance.

Admin Persona

Platfrom Administrator

Data lakehouse - a new architectural horizon

14 July 2021, 28m

Explore the pros and cons of the data lakehouse with our team of panelists. Although the lakehouse combines a lot of the best aspects of a data warehouse and the best aspects of a data lake, there are some complications that come along with the adoption of the data lakehouse.