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  • SQL privileges #

    The Starburst Galaxy access control system manages privileges to access all entities – roles, users, clusters, catalogs, schemas, tables, views, columns, object storage locations, functions, and SQL routines.

    The privileges of some entities can also be managed with SQL commands. The following table lists the available types of entities and their associated privileges that can be managed with SQL statements.

    Entities with No SQL privileges in the Privileges column can only be managed with the Starburst Galaxy UI, and not with SQL commands.

    Entity Description SQL privileges
    CLUSTER A single cluster specified by name. No SQL privileges. Configure USE_CLUSTER and START_STOP_CLUSTER with the user interface.
    CATALOG A single catalog specified by name. CREATE_SCHEMA
    ROLE A single role specified by name. No SQL privileges. Configured with the user interface.
    USER A single user specified by name. No SQL privileges. Configured with the user interface.
    SCHEMA A single schema specified by catalog name and schema name. CREATE_TABLE
    TABLE A single table specified by catalog name, schema name and table name. SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE
    location A URI to the root of an object storage location. No SQL privileges. Create SQL as detailed the location privilege section.
    function A function to invoke as part of a SQL statement. No SQL privileges. Usage detailed in the function privilege section.