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  • March 2024 API syntax update #

    In early March, 2024, a number of Starburst Galaxy endpoints changed to resolve some issues with standardization and usage. The following table lists affected endpoints and the associated changes:

    Endpoint Syntax change
    POST /public/api/v1/cluster
    PATCH /public/api/v1/cluster/{clusterId}
    processingMode values change: BATCH -> Batch, WARP_SPEED -> WarpSpeed
    GET /public/api/v1/policy
    POST /public/api/v1/policy
    PATCH /public/api/v1/policy/{policyId}
    scopes name change: scopes.rowFilters -> scopes.rowFilterIds, scopes.columnMask -> scopes.columnMaskId
    GET /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}
    GET /public/api/v1/role
    POST /public/api/v1/role
    owningRole -> owningRoleId
    GET /public/api/v1/schemaDiscovery/{schemaDiscoveryId}
    POST /public/api/v1/catalog/{catalogId}/schemaDiscovery
    basedOn -> basedOnSchemaDiscoveryId
    POST /public/api/v1/serviceAccount additionalRoles -> additionalRoleIds
    POST /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}:grant
    POST /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}:revoke
    /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}:grant -> /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}/privilege:grant, /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}:revoke -> /public/api/v1/role/{roleId}/privilege:revoke

    These changes include an ID lookup mechanism for CatalogId, and UserId. Additionally, the OpenAPI JSON file now uses different schema names. Users who generate clients from this file are affected. See the OpenAPI page for more details.