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  • Observability #

    Observability is a set of interconnected Starburst Galaxy features:

    Data observability provides the ability to gain visibility into your data, identify when your data has gone wrong, and investigate potential issues within your data easily.

    With the introduction of data observability capabilities, your data teams can:

    • Gain visibility into the statistics and shape of your data lake tables.
    • Work with data consumers to define pass or fail quality rules for consumption.
    • Quickly identify potential origins of issues and downstream impact of the issues.

    Data quality #

    The Quality pane lets you view table or view statistics and examine the quality of the data in the table or view. This feature is available for object storage catalogs only.

    Access the Quality tab at the table level of the catalog explorer.

    Read the full list of data quality expressions.

    See Data quality for detailed information.

    Data lineage #

    Data lineage lets you track the history of tables that were copied or updated from other tables to help you understand how your data has changed over time.

    To access lineage, navigate to a table, view, or materialized view level entity of the catalog explorer and click the Lineage tab.

    See Data lineage for further information.