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  • Azure Private Link for a database running on a VM #

    Use the following steps to securely connect your Starburst Galaxy cluster to an Azure Virtual Machine (VM) instance using Azure Private Link.

    Prepare to configure #

    You must work with a Starburst technical resource to complete your Private Link configuration. Contact your account team for more information.

    In the Azure portal, do the following:

    Create a load balancer #

    If your VM does not have a load balancer, complete the following steps:

    1. Navigate to your VM.

    2. Create a new internal load balancer for your VM instance. For assistance, see the Azure documentation.

    3. Enter the port and backend port for your database.

    1. Create a new Azure Private Link service. For assistance, see the Azure documentation.

    Complete your configuration #

    1. Provide the alias for your Azure Private Link service to your Starburst technical resource.

    2. Ask your Starburst technical resource to create a private endpoint in the Starburst Galaxy Vnet for you.

    3. Once your Starburst technical resource creates the private endpoint, approve the connection.