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  • Profile and settings #

    Click the down arrow on the right of your login name in the Starburst Galaxy banner to perform one of these actions:

    • Switch your current role to another assigned role
    • Change your user profile settings
    • Log out

      Profile menu

    Roles are displayed in a column and are organized alphabetically. The current role is highlighted. Select the name of a different assigned role to switch the current role. Click Show all to show all of the current user’s available roles.

    Click Profile & Settings to open a dialog where you can update your display name, password, and default role.

    Profile settings dialog

    The following fields are shown:

    • Display name: The name displayed for the current logged-in user on the Galaxy home page.
    • First name: The first name for the user.
    • Last name: The last name for the user.
    • Email: The email address associated with the user account. This field cannot be edited.
    • Password: The password for the user. Click Change password to save a new password.
    • Default role: The default role for the user. Select a role from the drop-down and click Make Default to save your changes.

    Click Save to save your changes and close the dialog.

    Click Log out to end your session and log out of Starburst Galaxy.