Conventions #

This topic describes typographical and some other conventions used throughout the documentation.

Italic text #

Introduces a new term.

Example: The data from the splits and associated metadata are managed as a row group.

Monotype font #

Represents commands, code, file names, and response examples.

Example: TRUNCATE TABLE table_name

Bold text #

Indicates a keyboard button or the label or title on a user interface element.


  • Click Enter.
  • The My saved queries tab …

Angle brackets #

Encloses items you replace with your own values. Do not include the angle brackets in your commands or code.

Example: cd /home/<username>/Downloads

Ellipsis #

Indicates you can repeat a previous item, such as an array element, an indefinite number of times. Also indicates an omission within lengthier commands, configuration, or response examples.


  • concat(array1, array2, ..., arrayN)
  • curl ... -H 'Authorization: Basic dFHzdDp0ZXN0'

Ellipsis can also be a placeholder for multiple lines of content that are omitted.

    test: |
    salesdb: |

Ellipses can make the code example invalid and not suitable for direct cut and paste usage.

Pipe #

Separates mutually exclusive options.



Notes, cautions, and warnings #

The documentation uses the following message to highlight additional information, in order from least to most critical.