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  • SSH bastion server on Google Cloud #

    An SSH bastion server on Google Cloud enables you to connect Starburst Galaxy to a database on Google Cloud with an SSH tunnel. This allows you to create a catalog for a database that is not publicly available.

    Database configuration #

    The following steps detail other configuration aspects for your database.

    • Set Connections: Private IP.
    • Create a Private Service Access Connection and choose the network setting

    Bastion server #

    You can create a suitable bastion server on Google Cloud with the following configuration.

    • Type: E2 micro
    • Region: select the region used by the database
    • Networking: select the network used by the database

    The recommended setup for the security group is to allow SSH connections only from the specific IP address range/CIDR of Starburst Galaxy. This information is available when you configure the SSH tunnel with a locked down bastion host and use Validate and save SSH tunnel. The connection attempt fails and the correct range is displayed. Use the information to update the security group for the bastion host, and rerun the validation.