Collibra #

Requirements #

To connect Collibra to your cluster, you must meet the following requirements for Collibra and either Starburst Enterprise or Trino:


  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud 2023.05.0 or newer


  • Starburst Enterprise 354-e STS or newer
  • Trino 351 or newer

Connection #

You can connect Collibra to your cluster to extract metadata and sample data by downloading the Starburst JDBC driver in the Collibra Marketplace and following the instructions to Create a JDBC connection found in the Collibra documentation.

Data Products #

Starburst Data Products, a community supported utility, is available to extract published data products from SEP and index those data products in Collibra DIC.

For more information, refer to Starburst Data Products in the Collibra Marketplace listing.