Starburst for data leaders #

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) is a fast, interactive distributed SQL query engine that decouples compute from data storage. SEP lets you query data where it lives, including Hive, Snowflake, MySQL or even proprietary data stores. A single SEP query can combine data from all these data sources and more. SEP can run on-prem as well as in many cloud environments, and comes with 30+ supported enterprise connectors, providing high performance SQL-based access to most of the data platforms in your organization such as Snowflake, Postgres, and Hive.

Maybe your organization relies on a single variant of SQL, or maybe they use a few. With SEP, you only need to know Starburst SQL, which is ANSI-compliant and should feel comfortable and familiar. SEP takes care of translating your queries to the correct SQL syntax for your data source.

SEP can greatly reduce the need for expensive and complex ETL frameworks. Because it uses memory instead of disk to execute queries across the cluster, it’s also fast, and requires a minimal disk investment. It can pull your landing times forward, and help you meet or beat your SLAs. And, Starburst has robust access control options for your organization, from integrating with LDAP to using your existing Ranger-managed policies.

Your analysts and data scientists can connect to most of their favorite tools using only the SEP-specific JDBC or ODBC driver, much like the ones they already use, making the transition as frictionless as possible.

Want to know more? No problem! Here are some resources to answer common questions about SEP’s capabilities and value: