Cluster overview #

A cluster in Starburst Galaxy provides the resources to run queries against numerous data sources. Clusters define the number of workers, the configuration for the JVM runtime, configured data sources, and other aspects.

The Starburst Galaxy allows you to create, edit, and delete clusters from the interface. Access your clusters at any time by clicking Clusters on the left hand menu.

Cluster profiles examples #

Starburst Galaxy provides four cluster options to allow you to create a cluster that is right for your purposes.

When you select a Cluster profile while creating a new cluster, you’re selecting from a range of profile types that adjust the cluster to the anticipated workload.

Review the cluster profile differences:

  • Cost optimized: Balance your workloads with total cost. Ideal for performing the most work for the price.
  • Low Memory: Ideal for compute bound applications that benefit from high performance processors.
  • General purpose: Balance your compute, memory, and networking resources. Suitable for a variety of diverse workloads.
  • High memory: Deliver fast performance for workloads that process large data sets in memory.