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  • Security overview #

    Starburst Galaxy is designed with security in mind, it enables secure access to your data, and prevents any unapproved access. Find more high level information in our security section, and all the user relevant details in the following sections.

    Authentication #

    Starburst Galaxy includes a username and password authentication system that works with your email address as username. User administration is included in the interface.

    Access control #

    Starburst Galaxy includes a powerful role-based access control system. It allows you to manage roles and privileges with the user interface or SQL statements. Galaxy also includes an attribute-based access control system. This complementary system combines policies and attributes, such as tags, to help further manage role access to entities such as catalogs, schemas, tables, and views.

    More details about concepts such as user, ownership, visibility and more is available in access control and related pages about roles, privileges, policies, and entities.

    Data source access #

    Your data sources for Starburst Galaxy are managed by yourself in a cloud provider infrastructure. You can select different methods to connect your data when configuring the desired catalogs.

    Client access with TLS #

    Access to the Starburst Galaxy user interface, and directly to clusters with clients, is secured with Transport Layer Security and globally trusted certificates.