Release 443-e STS (8 May 2024)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 443-e is the follow up SEP release to 438-e. It includes all improvements from the following Trino releases:

This release is a short term support (STS) release.

Breaking changes#

  • The hive.cache.enabled configuration property has been deprecated in favor of fs.cache.enabled. Remove and replace the deprecated property from all Hive catalog configurations.

  • The legacy value for has been removed, the new default value is allow-all. See Authorization for more information.

  • The following Hive authorization configuration properties have been removed. These properties must be removed from all configurations or the cluster does not start:

    • hive.allow-drop-table

    • hive.allow-rename-table

    • hive.allow-add-column

    • hive.allow-drop-column

    • hive.allow-rename-column

    • hive.allow-comment-table

    • hive.allow-comment-column

  • Removed the service-database.connection-pool.enabled configuration property from the cache service. You must remove this configuration property or the cluster fails to start.

  • The cache service now supports the same authentication methods as the SEP backend service database. As part of this change, the following cache service configuration properties have changed and must be updated in your configuration:

    • service-database.user to insights.jdbc.user.

    • service-database.password to insights.jdbc.password.

    • service-database.jdbc-url to insights.jdbc.url.

    • service-database.connection-pool.max-size to insights.jdbc.connection-pool.max-size.

    • service-database.connection-pool.idle-timeout to insights.jdbc.connection-pool.idle-timeout.

    Read more about the requirements for the cache service storage in the documentation.

  • If you are using MySQL as the externally managed database for the cache service, you must append the parameter sessionVariables=sql_mode=ANSI to the connection string you use in the insights.jdbc.url property or the cluster fails to start.

  • This release removes the snowflake_distributed connector. You must remove or migrate existing Snowflake catalogs that use the distributed connector to the parallel connector or the cluster fails to start.


  • Added public preview support for MaxCompute connector.

  • Enabled PyStarburst dataframe API by default.

  • Added support for Vault by Hashicorp and AWS Secrets Manager as external configuration providers.

  • Added support for updating and creating specific views or materialized views with data products in the SEP REST API.

  • Added support for automatic internal transport layer security (TLS) for managed statistics.

  • Added support for using a stored procedure to manually refresh tables in a table scan redirection.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the query name links in Saved queries and the assign button in Roles and Privileges in the Starburst Enterprise web UI to improve accessibility.

  • Added a toggle switch in the What can they do? dialog and in the Switch role dialog in the Starburst Enterprise web UI to improve accessibility.

  • Improved subquery cache hits by removing redundant predicates on data columns from cache key.

  • Changed the experimental.thread-per-driver-scheduler-enabled property to be disabled by default.

  • Increased character limit from 40 to 255 in the SEP REST API.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the creation of materialized views to fail when using MySQL as the cache service backend database if materialized_view_definitions is longer than 64K characters.

  • Fixed issue where a dynamic row filtering fallback mechanism could cause invalid results.

Db2 connector#

  • Added support for variable-precision timestamps to the nanosecond.

Delta Lake connector#

  • Improved speed at which tables and views are listed.

DynamoDB connector#

  • Added limited support for partial predicate pushdown.

  • Fixed unbounded VARCHAR handling.

Hive connector#

  • Added support for comments on partitioned columns in the File and Thrift Hive metastores.

  • Improved speed at which tables and views are listed.

  • Fixed bug that caused DESCRIBE materialized_view to fail.

Iceberg connector#

  • Improved speed at which tables and views are listed.