Performance, logging, and governance features#

This documentation provides a comprehensive listing of features and configuration options for Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP). Our administration topics section covers common administrative tasks, which reference this documentation as needed.


Our Kubernetes reference section contains further resources including specific Helm chart examples for configuring SEP.

Feature topic areas#

Starburst Enterprise includes many general options for performance tuning, partitioning, and logging, along with other optimizations.

Properties reference#

Find descriptions for most configuration properties in our properties reference:

Starburst Cached Views#

The SEP cache service enables Starburst Cached Views and materialized views with automatic refreshes.

Automated refreshes for materialized views are currently supported in Hive. The Iceberg connector also supports materialized views; however, automatic refreshing is not supported.

Data governance#

Starburst Enterprise allows you to integrate Apache Atlas and Apache Ranger to layer data governance with your data access controls .

Platform features#

SEP includes a number of optional features to aid in its management:

Other resources#

Looking for more information on SEP platform administration?