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The Starburst team of Trino founders, maintainers, and experts is ready to assist you with your data analytics needs.


Trino (formerly Presto® SQL) is the fastest open source, massively parallel processing SQL query engine designed for analytics of large datasets distributed over one or more data sources in object storage, databases and other systems.

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Starburst Enterprise

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) is a fully supported, enterprise-grade distribution of Trino. It add integrations, improves performance, provides security, and makes it easy to deploy, configure and manage your clusters.

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Starburst Galaxy

Starburst Galaxy is an easy to use, fully-managed and enterprise-ready SaaS offering of Trino. Configure your data sources, and query your data wherever it lives. Starburst takes care of the rest so you can concentrate on the analytics.

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