Starburst Delta Lake connector#

The Starburst Delta Lake connector is an extended version of the Delta Lake connector with configuration and usage identical.


To connect to Databricks Delta Lake, you need:


The connector includes all the functionality described in the Delta Lake connector as well as the features and integrations detailed in the following section:

Unity catalog#

The connector supports reading from managed, internal tables when using the Databricks Unity Catalog as a metastore on AWS or Azure.


The Databricks Unity Catalog metastore is available for Delta Lake as a public preview. Contact Starburst Support with questions or feedback.

To use Unity Catalog metastore, add the following configuration to your Delta Lake catalog:

hive.metastore=unity<unity catalog hostname>

The following table shows the configuration properties used to connect SEP to Unity Catalog as a metastore.

Unity configuration properties#

Property name


Name of the host, without http(s) prefix, for example:


The token used to authenticate a connection to the Unity Catalog metastore. For more information about generating access tokens, see the Databricks documentation.


(Optional) Name of the catalog in Databricks. Default is main.

SQL support#

The connector supports all of the SQL statements listed in the Delta Lake connector documentation.

The following improvements are included:

SQL security#

You must set the property in your catalog properties file to sql-standard in order to use SQL security operation statements. See SQL standard based authorization for more information.

Replacing tables#

The connector supports replacing a table as an atomic operation. Atomic table replacement creates a new snapshot with the new table definition (see CREATE TABLE and CREATE TABLE AS), but keeps table history.

The new table after replacement is completely new and separate from the old table. Only the name of the table remains identical.

For example a partitioned table my_table can be replaced by a completely new definition.

CREATE TABLE my_table (
    a BIGINT,
    b DATE,
    c BIGINT)
WITH (partitioning = ARRAY['a']);
WITH (sorted_by = ARRAY['a'])
AS SELECT * from another_table;

Table replacement in the Starburst Delta Lake connector has the following limitations:

  • Table replacement does not work on append-only Delta Lake tables.

  • Table replacement does not work for tables with the change_data_feed_enabled property set to true.

  • Table replacement does not work if the new table after replacement has the change_data_feed_enabled property set to true.

  • Table replacement does not work if the location specified in the property is different from the location of the existing table.

  • Table types must stay the same. For example, table replacement cannot be used to replace a managed table with an external table.


The connector includes a number of performance improvements, detailed in the following sections:

Dynamic row filtering#

Dynamic filtering, and specifically also dynamic row filtering, is enabled by default. Row filtering improves the effectiveness of dynamic filtering for a connector by using dynamic filters to remove unnecessary rows during a table scan. It is especially powerful for selective filters on columns that are not used for partitioning, bucketing, or when the values do not appear in any clustered order naturally.

As a result the amount of data read from storage and transferred across the network is further reduced. You get access to higher query performance and a reduced cost.

You can use the following properties to configure dynamic row filtering:

Dynamic row filtering properties#

Property name



Toggle dynamic row filtering. Defaults to true. Catalog session property name is dynamic_row_filtering_enabled.


Control the threshold for the fraction of the selected rows from the overall table above which dynamic row filters are not used. Defaults to 0.7. Catalog session property name is dynamic_row_filtering_selectivity_threshold.


Duration to wait for completion of dynamic row filtering. Defaults to 0. The default causes query processing to proceed without waiting for the dynamic row filter, it is collected asynchronously and used as soon as it becomes available. Catalog session property name is dynamic_row_filtering_wait_timeout.

Starburst Cached Views#

The connector supports table scan redirection to improve performance and reduce load on the data source.


The connector includes a number of security-related features, detailed in the following sections.


The connector supports standard Hive security for authorization under the configuration property. For more information, see the Delta Lake connector authorization configuration options.

Built-in access control#

If you have enabled built-in access control for SEP, you must add the following configuration to all Delta Lake catalogs: