Starburst Galaxy release notes #

Starburst Galaxy is updated regularly. The following release notes provide highlights of user-facing changes available with specific new deployments.

22 Sep 2022 #

  • Add support for read-only Snowflake catalogs on Google Cloud.

20 Sep 2022 #

  • Add new location privilege. If you receive an error when attempting to CREATE or ALTER a schema or table in object storage, set this privilege on your roles.

26 Aug 2022 #

  • New catalog: public preview, read-only support for Google BigQuery warehouses.
  • New catalog: public preview, read-only support for MongoDB or MongoDB Atlas BigQuery data platforms.
  • A previous query editor update allows running more than one selected query at the same time. Today’s release adds a Run all (limit 1000) option to the Run button, so that selecting the queries to run is no longer required.

18 Aug 2022 #

  • New onboarding workflow when signing up for a new Galaxy account. Gathers information on Galaxy use cases and preferred data sources.
  • Update the UI to manage roles and privileges to clarify the process.

11 Aug 2022 #

  • Add cluster autoscaling feature from navigation menu Admin > Cluster configuration. Set custom minimum and maximum number or worker nodes to trigger automatic scaling up to handle large, complex queries.

4 Aug 2022 #

2 Aug 2022 #

  • Add support for connecting a Snowflake database as a data source. Supported as a public preview on AWS and Azure clouds.

30 July 2022 #

  • Improve user interface to change your current Starburst Galaxy role.

28 July 2022 #

  • Add option to never suspend a cluster.

26 July 2022 #

28 June 2022 #

  • Add support for connecting to Azure Synapse.
  • Persist catalog and schema selection in the query editor across sessions.

16 June 2022 #

14 June 2022 #

17 May 2022 #

4 May 2022 #

29 Apr 2022 #

  • Autocomplete for SQL functions and inline documentation in query editor.
  • Dedicated cloud settings section for AWS to manage IAM roles.

15 Apr 2022 #

  • Download query result set directly from the query editor. Allows result sets with more than 1000 rows.

22 Mar 2022 #

  • Add support for connecting to SQL Server data sources.

8 Mar 2022 #

  • Add support for personal query history. See your role’s query history if you do not have permissions to view all queries.
  • Autocomplete SQL grammar in the query editor. Valid keyword such as SELECT, FROM, WHERE, LIKE, and others are suggested when appropriate to speed up your query writing.

3 Mar 2022 #

18 Feb 2022 #

Jan 2022 #

  • Authentication with a cross account IAM role in S3 catalogs.

2021 #

Initial deployments to first public launch with cluster management, a set of supported catalogs, query editor,authentication and access control, and more.