The intelligent edge

Presenter: Kirk Borne
Video date: 14 July 2021
Running time: 35m


An insightful session on the ‘Intelligent Edge’ by leading data scientist, Kirk Borne. With metaphors from Formula 1 racing and quotes from Yogi Berra, he explains how the ability to use the intelligent edge and sensory data can allow data scientists to make better analytical decisions.

Data is at the forefront of everything: “Innovations are inspired by data, informed by data, enabled by data, and create value from data.” New intelligent edge technologies, like model monitoring, robotics, and drones, are powered by AI and ML. This allows data users to “see around the corner” and monitor important data, detect early signs of risk events, and discover the right questions to ask your data. In order to make the most accurate predictions, data scientists need the most accurate data.