Query federation in Starburst Galaxy

There are two versions of this video: detailed (11:00) with timestamp links, and compact (3:18).

Query federation in detail

Video date: 6 April 2022
Running time: 11:00
Abstract: In Starburst Galaxy, you can access data from multiple data sources with a single query. For example, join historic log data stored in S3 object storage with customer data stored in a MySQL relational database.

A Starburst Galaxy cluster can include very different data sources in the same cluster. This allows you to write queries that join data from data sources of different types in different locations. For example, you can write a single query that joins data from an AWS S3 bucket, an Amazon Redshift database, and a traditional MySQL database.

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  • Welcome - 0:02
  • What is query federation - 0:57
  • Add an S3 catalog - 3:04
  • Bind new catalog to cluster - 4:01
  • Open query editor, test data in new catalog 4:32
  • Run joined query within one catalog - 5:10
  • Add a Redshift catalog; add and bind to cluster - 5:29
  • Query editor; test Redshift data; add to previous join - 6:27
  • Add MySQL catalog; add and bind to cluster - 7:39
  • Query editor: test MySQL data; add third layer to joins - 8:58
  • Recap and conclusion - 9:42

Query federation in brief

Video date: 6 April 2022
Running time: 3:18
Abstract: This is a summary version of the video above.