Data lakehouse - a new architectural horizon

Moderator and panelists: Paco Nathan, Adri Purkayasth, Anjali Samani, and Tom Nats
Video date: 14 July 2021
Running time: 28m


A hot topic in the big data field, this discussion led by Paco Nathan, explored the pros and cons of the data lakehouse. Although the lakehouse combines a lot of the best aspects of a data warehouse and the best aspects of a data lake, there are some complications that come along with the adoption of the data lakehouse.

The panelists, Adri Purkayasth from BNP Paribas, Anjali Samani from Salesforce, and Tom Nats of Starburst, debate what it means for organizations to implement this data architecture including regulatory considerations, standardizations, and the struggles with blending old architecture with the new architecture. Anjali says, “To realize a lot of value out of your data science investments, you need access to alternative data sources and that’s where data lakehouse architecture is very attractive.”