Built-in access control audit log#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) maintains logs of all access control changes performed through its built-in access control functionality. When enabled, the Audit log feature appears for members of the sysadmin role.


The built-in access control audit log is in public preview. Contact Starburst support with questions or feedback.

The Audit log feature in the Starburst Enterprise web UI appears under the following conditions:

  • The cluster must have BIAC auditing enabled with starburst.access-control.audit.enabled=true in the coordinator’s config.properties file.

  • The current logged-in user is assigned to the sysadmin role, either in the starburst.access-control.authorized-users property or assigned in the built-in access control UI.

  • The current logged-in user is switched to the sysadmin role.

Each record in the Audit log screen includes:

  • Operation - Including Create, Assign, Delete

  • Entity kind - Such as Role, User, Privilege

  • What changed - A description of the state change

  • Entity - The entity affected

  • Role affected - The role that the change was applied to

  • User (Role) - The user who made the change, and the role that they used to make the change

  • Time of change - Date and time in the local time zone

The Audit log screen displays the most recent 300 records.