Release 371 (16 Feb 2022)#


  • Add support for using secrets in database backed resource group manager configuration. (#10996)

  • Add support for the user group selector rule in database backed resource group manager. (#10914)

  • Remove deprecated.disable-set-properties-security-check-for-create-ddl configuration toggle. (#10923)

  • Prevent infinite planning loop by removing redundant predicates above table scan. (#10532)

  • Prevent time outs for planning of certain queries. (#10985)

  • Fix performance regression in internal communication authentication processing. (#10954)

  • Fix failure when casting values to decimal(38, 38). (#10946)

  • Enforce timeout for idle transactions. (#10923)

  • Ensure removal of all catalog session properties when using session property defaults with transactions. (#10923)


  • Invoke correct authorization check when table is created via CREATE TABLE AS. (#10939)

ClickHouse connector#

  • Remove support for ClickHouse connector in Altinity distribution 20.3. (#10975)

  • Add missing output of table properties for SHOW CREATE TABLE statements. (#11027)

Hive connector#

  • Allow specifying AWS role session name via S3 security mapping config. (#10714)

  • Disallow writes to bucketed tables recognized as created by Spark to prevent data corruption. Spark uses a custom bucketing hash function that is not compatible with Hive and Trino. (#10815)

  • Fix failure when reading Hive tables that contain symlinks that are text files. (#10910)

  • Fix metastore impersonation for Avro tables. (#11035)

Iceberg connector#

  • Allow running queries performing DML on Iceberg tables with fault-tolerant execution. (#10622)

  • Create files of up to approximately 1GB of size when writing. This can be configured using catalog property or target_max_file_size session property. (#10957)

Kudu connector#

  • Drop support for Kudu versions older than 1.13.0. (#10940)

SQL Server connector#

  • Fix incorrect results when negative dates are specified in predicates. (#10263)

  • Fix incorrect results when writing negative dates. (#10263)


  • Add ConnectorSession to the Connector getMetadata method. The former signature is deprecated and should be updated. (#9482)

  • Remove deprecated checkCanCreateTable and checkCanCreateMaterializedView methods not taking parameters. (#10939)