Release 360-e LTS (16 Aug 2021)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 360-e is the follow up release to the 359-e STS release and the 356-e LTS release.

This release is a long term support (LTS) release.

The 360-e release includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

It contains all improvements from the Starburst Enterprise releases since 356-e LTS:

Highlights since 356-e#

  • ARM64 and AWS Graviton support

  • Add support for Oracle and MySQL as backing RBDMS for Insights

Breaking changes since 356-e#

The breaking changes from 359-e for Hive connector name, Java version, and discovery URL apply.

The breaking change from 358-e for the JDBC driver applies.

As any release since 354-e, this release is based on Trino and the information in the migration guide needs to be taken into account.

360-e initial changes#

The following changes from 360-e.0, 360-e.1, and 360-e.2 are all part of the first public release.


  • Add integration with Apache Atlas.

  • Add new Starburst DynamoDB connector.

  • Starburst Insights

    • Add multiple tab support in Query editor.

    • Extend date filters in Usage metrics.

    • Add estimated cost control in Usage metrics.

    • Extended usage metrics data with additional dimensions, like node environment, version, and instance id.

    • Add automatic upload of usage metrics data to Starburst


Delta Lake connector#

  • Improve read performance for Parquet files

  • Add ANALYZE support

  • Add support for table scan redirection

Hive connector#

  • Improve read performance for Parquet files

  • Improve effectiveness of dynamic filtering

Greenplum connector#

  • Fix incorrect incorrect pushdown of large dynamic filters as range predicates on char and varchar columns for JDBC connectors where the remote database is case-insensitive or follows a different sort ordering for letters from Trino

MySQL connector#

  • Add support for authentication with AWS IAM

PostgreSQL connector#

  • Add support for authentication with AWS IAM

Salesforce connector#

  • Expose Salesforce API usage and limits in system information

Teradata connector#

  • Fix queries failing with No nodes available to run query

360-e.3 changes (7 Sep 2021)#

  • Fix invalid result when two decimals are added together. This happened in certain queries where decimals had different precision.

  • Fix incorrect result when using the BigQuery TIME type.

  • Fix incorrect results for queries with a comparison between a VARCHAR column and a CHAR constant.

  • Fix query failure when inserting data into a Hive ACID table that is not explicitly bucketed.

  • Fix Sentry access control incorrectly assigning roles from the local system instead of LDAP.

  • Improve performance of updating Glue table statistics for partitioned tables.

  • Change default Glue statistics read/write parallelism from 1 to 5.

  • Stop writing the CData OEM key to server logs when the Salesforce connector is configured with an invalid connection URL.

  • Fix an “Overflow detected” error message when compressing incompressible data with ZSTD.

360-e.4 was skipped

360-e.5 changes (22 Sep 2021)#

  • Fix incorrect results of BigQuery parameterized NUMERIC type.

  • Fix locking of non-partitioned transactional tables.

  • Fix reading Delta Lake multipart checkpoints.

  • Support case insensitive name matching to BigQuery views.

  • Fix security vulnerability in Okta authentication.

360-e.6 changes (13 Oct 2021)#

  • UPDATE now supports subqueries in SET assignments.

  • Add support for deprecated BITPACKING encoding for nulls in Parquet flat readers.

  • Fix failure in WITH RECURSIVE CTE.

  • Fix infinte loop in optimizer.

  • Fix UPDATE with multiple identical values.

  • Fix failure for queries containing ORDER BY ... LIMIT when columns in the subquery are known to be constant.

  • Fix QueryResult returns empty results for retries.

  • Fix incorrect result for comparisons between zero-valued decimals.

360-e.7 changes (24 Nov 2021)#

  • Re-enable aggregation pushdown for Redshift tables with diststyle AUTO(ALL)/ALL.

  • Fix incorrect results for queries with nested joins and IS NOT DISTINCT join clauses.

  • Upgrade Prometheus JMX Exporter to 0.16.1

  • Update to Privacera Platform version

  • Fix for LongDecimal divide sign.

  • Fix for failure when validating pre-sorted input properties.

  • Fix incorrect DST result from Redshift TIMESTAMP type.

  • Add search string escape enable/disable switch in configuration for generic JDBC connector.

360-e.8 changes (17 Dec 2021)#

  • Fix deletion without predicate from a transactional table that has original uncompacted files.

  • Fix failure when a schema is dropped during listing tables from BigQuery.

  • Fix connection leak for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations in the Delta Lake connector.

  • Fix predicate pushdown with expressions using REAL types for MySQL, SingleStore and ClickHouse connectors.

  • Fix treatment of date values before 1582-10-14 in the Greenplum connector.

  • Remove unused log4j dependency from SEP to avoid false alarms about Log4Shell.

  • Upgrade log4j in Ranger Admin to version 2.16.0 to mitigate Log4Shell.

  • Disable support for ALTER VIEW ... SET AUTHORIZATION statement.

360-e.9 changes (23 Feb 2022)#

  • Fix data corruption when multiple queries DELETE from, INSERT into, or UPDATE a Delta Lake table.

  • Fix incorrect date result the value is <= 1582-10-14 in MySQL, SingleStore, and PostgreSQL.

  • Migrate Docker image for Starburst Cache Service to UBI8 minimal base image.

  • Fix query scheduling regression introduced in Trino 360 that caused coordinator slowness in assigning splits to workers.

  • Fix duplicated binding error when using JWT and OAuth2 authentication methods simultaneously.

360-e.10 changes (18 Mar 2022)#

  • Fix query failures due to exhausted file system resources after DELETE or UPDATE.

360-e.11 changes (25 Apr 2022)#

  • Fix CVE-2022-23848 in Alluxio client.

  • Fix RPM to include MapR Hive libraries.

  • Fix failure of the sync_partition_metadata procedure when partition names differ from partition paths on the file system.

  • Fix query failure when selecting partition when the name corresponds with a reserved keyword.

  • Fix SHOW TABLES failure when hive.hide-delta-lake-tables is enabled, and the Glue metastore contains metadata about the table without properties.

360-e.12 changes (20 May 2022)#

  • Ignore non-redirected, non-Delta Lake tables or views when querying information_schema.columns.

  • Add support to the Hive connector for date type partition names with timestamp formatting.