Release 359-e STS (8 Jul 2021)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 359-e is the follow up release to the 358-e version. It includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

This release is a short term support (STS) release.

Breaking changes#

Like 354-e and all future SEP releases, it is based on Trino:

All breaking changes from 354-e and the tips from the migration guide apply. If you are upgrading from 350-e or an earlier release, it is important that you review these documents.

  • Change the Hive connector name and plugin directory to hive. The legacy hive-hadoop2 continues to work. Update to the new name in your catalog files and others usage when possible.

  • The global configuration property discovery-server.enabled is deprecated and no longer necessary. Remove it your Config properties to avoid warnings and delays during startup.

  • Update the required JVM version to 11.0.11.


  • Add support for Oracle and MySQL as backing RBDMS for query logger, and therefore Starburst Insights metrics data.

SQL Server connector#

  • Add support for bulk insertion of data

  • Add support for non-transactional insert

Starburst Stargate#

  • Rename connector name to stargate.

  • Change namespace for connector properties to stargate.*.

Delta Lake connector#

  • Redirect SELECT queries to a Hive catalog when a Hive table is detected.

Hive connector#

  • Add OpenX JSON format support

  • Add support for UNION [DISTINCT] and UNION ALL when querying Hive views

  • Skip authorization check in Sentry when setting catalog session properties

  • Redirect SELECT queries to a Delta Lake catalog when a Delta Lake table is detected.

Teradata connector#

  • Remove configuration property, and disable using the Teradata statement HELP STATISTICS to avoid negative impact on Teradata.