Release 357-e STS (28 May 2021)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 357-e is the follow up release to the 356-e version. It includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

This release is a short term support (STS) release.

Breaking changes#

This release includes no breaking changes since the 354-e release. However like 354-e and all future SEP releases, it is based on Trino:

All breaking changes from 354-e and the tips from the migration guide apply. It is important that you review these if you are upgrading from 350-e or an earlier release.

Delta Lake connector#

  • Improve concurrency support for write operations

  • Improved overall performance

Teradata connector#

  • Increase aggregate function pushdown support

  • Rename default PRESTO_QUERY_ID placeholder to QUERY_ID in Query Band audit.