Prepare to install Starburst Enterprise in EKS#

This topic assumes that you have:

To streamline the install process, we suggest that you prepare as described in this topic.

Determine service requirements#

SEP can be configured to work with several optional services. We suggest reading about these topics to determine if they apply to your environment before proceeding with your initial deployment. Having these service requirements in mind provides context for some sections of the SEP Helm chart. Each of these services are also available from Starburst as Helm charts:

Review security options#

We recommend using password file security initially for basic testing and initial configuration. After that, there are a number of security options to choose from; however, we strongly suggest adopting our built-in access control

Review SEP Helm chart#

The content of the Helm chart for the current version of SEP is available in our reference documentation, conveniently divided into sections with descriptions.

Review platform and tooling requirements#

Learn about tooling and licensing requirements for SEP.

Next steps#

After you have determined which supporting services and security options are required and reviewed the Helm chart, you are ready to begin installing Starburst Enterprise.