Connection parameters in CFT#

To run queries in Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP), you need the following connection parameters described in our client overview page.

Locating the connection information#

To locate the IP address, protocol, and port of your coordinator, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the CloudFormation console from Service > Management Tools.

  2. Select your stack name and click the associated tab labeled Outputs.

  3. Note the value for the StarburstCoordinatorURL.

Accessing the coordinator#

The StarburstCoordinatorURL is only accessible from within the same VPC as SEP. You must run your client tools from within the VPC, or with connectivity to the VPC. Your IT department can help you with connectivity issues.

Any easy way to test connectivity from a network location is to access the Starburst Enterprise UI using the StarburstCoordinatorURL in your browser.

Connecting clients to SEP#

Once you have gathered the connection information, you can use any client supported by SEP to connect and query.

For example, to connect and query with the Command Line Interface (CLI):

  1. Download and install the CLI.

  2. Use the parameters determined in the preceding section.

  3. Run the CLI with the URL and username supplied and activate the password dialog.

Once connected you can check for available catalogs with SHOW CATALOGS, or run any other query.