Release 346-e STS (16 Nov 2020)#

Starburst Enterprise Presto 346-e is the follow up release to the 345-e version. It includes all improvements from the following Presto project releases:

This release is a short term support (STS) release.


  • Fix comparison of timestamp columns with timestamp with time zone constant


  • Add Starburst Ranger CLI for Ranger service definition management

Delta Lake connector#

  • Fix handling of information_schema

Greenplum connector#

  • Support connection pooling

Hive connector#

  • Improve failover to a new URI of the Hive Metastore Service

IBM Db2 connector#

  • Add LIMIT pushdown support

PostgreSQL connector#

  • Fix predicate pushdown with high precision timestamps columns

SAP HANA connector#

  • Support connection pooling

Teradata connector#

  • Support renaming table columns and tables with ALTER TABLE

  • Support dropping table columns and tables with ALTER TABLE