Release 345-e LTS (11 Nov 2020)#

Starburst Enterprise Presto 345-e is the followup release to the 344-e STS release and the 338-e LTS release:

The 345-e release includes all improvements from the following Presto project releases:

This release is a long term support (LTS) release and contains all improvements from the Starburst Enterprise releases since 338-e LTS:

Highlights from included STS releases since 338-e#

Breaking changes in this release#

345-e.0 and 345-e.1 changes (11 Nov 2020)#

  • Add write support for ORC ACID and INSERT ONLY Hive transactional tables

  • Support for Hive access control with Privacera Platform

  • Allow custom log path for the native table operator of the Teradata Direct connector

  • Add support for global access control with Privacera Platform

  • Fix incorrect correlation mapping

345-e.2 changes (16 Nov 2020)#

  • Improve failover to a new URI of the Hive Metastore Service

345-e.3 changes (10 Dec 2020)#


  • Prevent coordinator shutdown before worker shutdown

  • Ensure query failures are sent to the EventListener

  • Fix EXPLAIN ANALYZE for certain queries that contain broadcast join

  • Allow repeated logging of certain identical queries in query logger

  • In UI, fix invalid operator stats reporting in stage performance view


  • Allow using legacy Hive view translation logic for views containing CTEs by setting either hive.legacy-hive-view-translation configuration property or legacy-hive-view-translation to true

  • Add validation for bucketed query results in Hive connector

  • Add cache invalidation on CREATE TABLE events in Hive Metastore

  • Fix incorrect query results resulting from external data updates in Delta Lake connector

  • Fix SSL/SASL authentication support in Kafka connector

345-e.4 changes (21 Jan 2021)#

  • Support GRANT OPTION use with Sentry privileges

  • Improve timestamp with time zone support in Hive connector

345-e.6 changes (18 Feb 2021)#

  • Remove the deprecated Kubernetes operator, users can use the supported Kubernetes support with Helm charts

  • Remove support for Mission Control for 345-e, users can update to 350-e LTS

  • Fix possible S3 connection leak on query failure

345-e.8 changes (12 Mar 2021)#

  • Support non-lowercase partition columns in Delta Lake

  • Fix possible S3 connection leaks when using AVRO table format

345-e.9 changes (19 Mar 2021)#

  • Hive connector: Respect partition filter for DELETE of ACID tables. Previously, the partition filter was ignored, resulting in the deletion of too many rows.

  • Add -XX:PerMethodRecompilationCutoff and -XX:PerBytecodeRecompilationCutoff as JVM safety configuration in RPM

  • Fix failure when subqueries contain EXCEPT or INTERSECT

  • Fix incorrect results when multiple similar subqueries contain UNION clauses that differ only in the ALL vs DISTINCT qualifier

345-e.10 changes (8 Apr 2021)#

  • Fix privilege checks in Ranger global access control for queries that do not read any columns, such as SELECT count(*) FROM <table>.

  • Fix incorrect results when querying the $file_modified_time hidden column in Hive connector.

  • Fix incorrect “SHOW SCHEMA” results in Hive access control with the Privacera platform.

345-e.11 changes (14 May 2021)#

  • Mask value of teradata-parallel-direct.https.keystore.password in log file writing.

  • Fix inconsistent behavior for to_unixtime() with values of type timestamp(p).

  • Change return type of from_unixtime() and from_unixtime_nanos() to timestamp(p) with time zone.

345-e.12 changes (14 Jun 2021)#

  • Correct how delete markers are interpreted for ORC ACID tables in Hive connector, so SEP is not filtering out extraneous rows for certain tables.

  • Fix incorrect results when accessing BigQuery records with wrong index in BigQuery connector.

345-e.13 changes (18 Aug 2021)#

  • Fix LIKE clause usage with char values.

  • Reject CTAS with skip_header_line_count > 0 in Hive connector.

  • Fix data corruption when performing UPDATE or INSERT on ORC ACID transactional table.

  • Fix column ordering bug in Delta Lake CTAS.

  • Fix DROP SCHEMA and DROP SCHEMA RESTRICT not to drop then schema if it is not empty in MySQL connector.

  • Fix incorrect pushdown of range predicates on char and varchar columns for JDBC connectors where the remote database is case-insensitive or follows a different sort ordering for letters from Trino (MySQL, SingleStore, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum).

  • Properly handle number values with negative scale in Teradata.

345-e.14 changes (7 Sep 2021)#

  • Fix invalid result when two decimals are added together. This happened in certain queries where decimals had different precision.

  • Fix incorrect result when using the BigQuery TIME type.

  • Fix incorrect results for queries with a comparison between a VARCHAR column and a CHAR constant.

  • Fix query failure when inserting data into a Hive ACID table that is not explicitly bucketed.

345-e.15 changes (22 Sep 2021)#

  • Fix incorrect results of BigQuery parameterized NUMERIC type.

  • Fix security vulnerability in Okta authentication.

345-e.16 changes (13 Oct 2021)#

  • Fix QueryResult returns empty results for retries.