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Starburst Enterprise 368-e STS

18 Jan 2022 | Manfred Moser , Matt Fuller

Today we are starting the year 2022 off with a great new release of Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP). Believe us, you do want to try out the refreshed Starburst Enterprise web UI.

A Trino and dbt community success story

03 Jan 2022 | Manfred Moser , Brian Olsen , Marius Grama , Przemek Denkiewicz

The community around the open source project Trino is at the heart of Starburst. The creators and many maintainers are on our teams. Our products, Starburst Enterprise and Starburst Galaxy are based on Trino. And today, I tell you a story that shows how it takes a many people across the globe to provide all the great features of Trino to our community of users and fellow contributors.

When it comes to security, ...

31 Dec 2021 | Manfred Moser , Keavy Murphy

we got you. The recent log4shell issue is the latest noise in the information security world. And as is often the case with these issues, if you have your software development and information security processes under control, there is more hype than reality around the threats.


Starburst Enterprise 367-e STS

29 Dec 2021 | Manfred Moser , Matt Fuller

Promise! This is the last Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) release of the year 2021.

December 2021 LTS backport releases

17 Dec 2021 | Manfred Moser , Matt Fuller

We did it again! A bunch of new backport releases for our Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) LTS users are available.

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