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Starburst Enterprise 410-e STS

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 410-e STS has been released as a follow-up to the 407-e LTS release.

The release is based on latest Trino release and therefore includes the new features from Trino 408, 409, and 409 since the last SEP release. Following are some the highlights of these releasees:

Trino 408

  • New Apache Ignite connector!
  • Add support for writing decimal types to BigQuery.
  • Improve performance when reading structural types from Parquet files in Delta Lake.

Trino 409

  • Support for nested fields in DROP COLUMN.
  • Support for sorted tables in Iceberg.
  • Support for time type in Cassandra.
  • Faster aggregations containing DISTINCT.
  • Faster LIKE with dynamic patterns.

Trino 410

  • Support for the sheet table function in Google Sheets.
  • Better file pruning in Iceberg.

In SEP, we’ve added support for managed statistics with the Snowflake connector, and add PingIdentity as supported provider for OAuth 2.0 authentication. Have a look at the release notes for 410-e for further features and improvements.

Especially take note of the breaking changes and adapt your catalog and config properties files accordingly as part of your update.

Joe and Manfred