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Starburst Enterprise 407-e LTS

Another quarter, another long term support (LTS) release! The new Starburst Enterprise 407-e LTS release includes the latest batch of features for our customers. There’s never a better time to upgrade your cluster, so read on for details of what’s included.

The 407-e LTS release introduces the new managed statistics feature, which allows Starburst Enterprise to collect table and column statistics from select data sources that currently expose limited or no statistics. This feature allows queries to Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Teradata to take advantage of query optimizations that may dramatically improve query runtime and efficiency.

Fault-tolerant execution now supports write operations with MongoDB and BigQuery. The feature is now also compatible with HDFS storage as an external spooling storage option.

As of the 407-e LTS release, Starburst Warp Speed (previously “Smart indexing and caching”) is available as a GA feature with the Starburst Enterprise Elite license. Warp Speed adds an indexing and caching layer for object storage catalogs to dramatically improve query performance on your data lakehouse. This LTS release also adds REST endpoints for Warp Speed, and introduces the new index and cache resiliency feature as a public preview.

The Starburst Enterprise REST API now includes endpoints that allow you to programmatically manage built-in access control for your Starburst Enterprise cluster. See the updated API documentation for all of the new and existing endpoints available.

We’ve expanded support for AWS Lake Formation access control with more granular control options, such as Glue user impersonation and selecting AWS roles per-catalog.

These are just some of the highlights that have made it into this quarterly LTS release. For a complete list of features and changes, read the 407-e LTS release notes.

As always, we’re continuing to add and improve features for the next release, and we eagerly await your feedback on the release. Cheers!

Joe and Manfred