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Starburst Enterprise 402-e LTS

Another quarter, another long term support (LTS) release! The new Starburst Enterprise 402-e LTS includes the latest batch of features for our customers. There’s never a better time to upgrade your cluster, so read on for details of what’s included.

The 402-e LTS features smart indexing and caching that can greatly improve performance for object storage catalogs like Hive and Iceberg. This is a huge feature that brings some highly requested performance improvements to Starburst Enterprise, and we’ll have much more to say about it in future blog posts and announcements. Stay tuned!

Starburst Enterprise’s built-in access control keeps improving with new features, such as row filtering and column masking configurable directly in the Starburst web interface. We’ve also added a new access log to the audit logs that shows events of users accessing data and Starburst product features.

The Starburst Enterprise UI’s built-in query editor features several new quality of life improvements. We’ve added support for writing and executing multiple queries in a single editor tab, and improved SQL syntax support with the prettify feature.

Fault-tolerant execution support is expanding as well; you can now run write operations for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server with fault-tolerant execution. If you haven’t yet configured fault-tolerant execution in your Starburst Enterprise cluster, check out our new guide on Enabling fault-tolerant execution for queries in SEP.

These are just some of the highlights that have made it into this quarterly LTS release. For a complete list of features and changes, read the 402-e LTS release notes.

With this release, we’ve also improved our Starburst Enterprise reference documentation with a reworked navigation. Don’t worry, despite the new look all pages still share the same URLs so none of your bookmarks should be affected by the rework. Please take a look!

As always, we’re continuing to add and improve features for the next release, and we eagerly await your feedback on the release. Cheers!

Joe and Manfred