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Starburst Enterprise 371-e STS

Didn’t we just release 370-e LTS? We sure did. But that doesn’t mean we are resting.

With the new Starburst Enterprise 371-e STS release you get access to a number of improvements from Trino 371

And of course, we also have some great updates from our Starburst Enterprise features in this release. Vertica, and PostgreSQL connector users get better statistics, and therefore query performance. And Kafka connector users can now use Kerberos authentication to the schema registry.

Users of data products and built-in access control system can now rejoice since data products are now securable entities. You can therefore make sure no other users delete your valuable work creating a data product.

We continue to work towards getting both of these features ready for any production usage. Stay tuned for the next STS release with more updates and improvements.

Manfred and Matt