Query proxy#

Query proxy enables you to write SQL queries in a data source’s native SQL syntax. This feature provides the ability to utilize the specific SQL dialects and capabilities of your data sources, allowing you to use features exclusive to the native syntax, which can result in performance improvements.


Query proxy is a private preview feature. Contact Starburst Support with questions or feedback.


Query proxy operates within the following constraints:

  • It is specifically designed for single-catalog queries and does not support federated queries.

  • Query proxy only supports the execution of SELECT statements.

  • Prepared statements or stored procedures are not supported.


The query proxy feature bypasses the access controls provided by SEP and Trino. Only the access controls applied by the underlying data source are effective. Starburst strongly recommends implementing impersonation to enforce the underlying data source’s access controls.

Feature workflow#

With query proxy, you can compose a SQL query in your data source’s native syntax. SEP encapsulates your query in a table function and executes it in Trino.

Enable query proxy#

Query proxy is disabled by default. To enable the feature, set the insights.query-proxy-enabled configuration property to true.

To use query proxy once it is enabled, enter a SQL query in the query editor. Then, click the drop-down arrow next to the ▶ Run button and select ▶ Run as query proxy option.


This feature is exclusively available through the Starburst Enterprise web UI. Query proxy is not supported with other client tools.