Release 423-e LTS (31 Aug 2023)#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 423-e LTS is the follow up release to the 423-e STS release and the 413-e LTS release.

This release is a promotion of the original 423-e STS release in August 2023 into a long term support (LTS) release.

The 423-e release includes all improvements from the following Trino project releases:

It contains all improvements from the Starburst Enterprise releases since 413-e LTS:

Highlights since 413-e#

Breaking changes since 413-e#

  • Removed legacy Teradata query pass-through in favor of the query table function. The deprecated.teradata.query-pass-through.enabled property must be removed from the cluster configuration or the cluster does not start. Instead of legacy pass-through, use the query function.

  • The Trino S3 file system class was renamed from io.trino.plugin.hive.s3.TrinoS3FileSystem to io.trino.hdfs.s3.TrinoS3FileSystem. If you are using Ranger Audit to S3, update the property value in ranger-audit.xml.

  • On a cluster with built-in access control, the sysadmin role is no longer assumed automatically when querying views in DEFINER mode whose owner has the sysadmin role. For views that are no longer accessible due to this change, the privileges of the view owner must be adjusted to grant access to the underlying tables.

  • The preferredWritePartitioningMinNumberOfPartitions cache service configuration property and underlying functionality has been removed. You must remove this configuration property or table scan redirection fails.

  • The following configuration properties and command line options have been removed from the cache service and the cache service CLI:

    • The unpartitioned.writer-count, unpartitioned.scale-writers, unpartitioned.writer-min-size, partitioned.use-preferred-write-partitioning, partitioned.writer-count, partitioned.scale-writers, and partitioned.writer-min-size configuration properties have been removed from the cache service. You must remove these configuration properties or the cluster fails to start.

    • The --use-server-import-config, --use-preferred-write-partitioning, --writer-count, --scale-writers, and --writer-min-size command line options have been removed from the cache service CLI.

    • The defaultUnpartitionedImportConfig, defaultPartitionedImportConfig, importConfig in elements of rules, and incrementalImportConfig in elements of rules properties are no longer recognized in the rules.json file.

  • The following changes have been made to the LDAP group provider configuration properties related to caching:

    • The ldap.cache-ttl property has been renamed to ldap.cache.ttl. You must update your configuration settings to reflect this change.

    • The ldap.negative-cache-ttl property has been removed. You must remove this property or the cluster fails to start. Negative entries are now cached as normal entries.

  • URL extraction functions have been updated to reject invalid URIs rather than returning NULL. Queries that rely on these functions returning NULL must be updated accordingly.

  • The optimizer.use-mark-distinct configuration property has been removed. You must remove this property from cluster configuration in favor of the optimizer.mark-distinct-strategy property or the cluster fails to start.

  • The parquet.optimized-writer.enabled and parquet.optimized-writer.validation-percentage configuration properties have been removed. You must remove these properties or the cluster fails to start.

423-e initial changes#


  • Added support for Starburst Warp Speed to run on M6gd instances. Node sizes must be m6gd.4xlarge or larger.

  • Added read-only support for Lake Formation cross-account resource sharing.

  • Removed the troubleshooting.max-capture-duration configuration property.

  • Fixed Starburst Warp Speed loading issue in GKE and AKS deployments.

  • Fixed issue that prevented the cluster from starting with Starburst Warp Speed catalogs in Azure or Google Cloud.

  • Fixed issues when querying Hive legacy views in Starburst Warp Speed.

  • Fixed run and troubleshoot failing when recordings are larger than 16MB.


Cosmos DB connector#

  • Added support for case-insensitive name matching for schemas and tables.

Iceberg connector#

  • Added support for materialized views on Starburst Warp Speed catalogs.

Snowflake connector#

  • Updated connectors to use version 3.13.33 of the Snowflake JDBC driver.

423-e.1 changes (31 Aug 2023)#

  • Changed LDAP and Starburst user and group caching to be enabled by default.

  • Upgraded Prometheus JMX Exporter to 0.20.0.

  • Fixed failure when reading Decimal128 in MongoDB connector.

  • Fixed possible failures when a query is cancelled. Applies to the snowflake-parallel connector.

  • Fixed parallel reads of SQL Server tables with non-clustered index.

423-e.2 changes (19 Sep 2023)#

  • Fixed issue with Query Editor not running queries to completion which may have prevented results from being visible.

  • Fixed failure when performing an OUTER JOIN involving geospatial functions in the JOIN clause.

  • Fixed potential unnecessary autoscaling triggers when Warp Speed is enabled.

  • Fixed download and troubleshoot options in the query editor when BIAC is enabled.