Release 421 (6 Jul 2023)#


  • Add support for check constraints in an UPDATE statement. (#17195)

  • Improve performance for queries involving a year function within an IN predicate. (#18092)

  • Fix failure when cancelling a query with a window function. (#18061)

  • Fix failure for queries involving the concat_ws function on arrays with more than 254 values. (#17816)

  • Fix query failure or incorrect results when coercing a structural data type that contains a timestamp. (#17900)

JDBC driver#

  • Add support for using an alternative hostname with the hostnameInCertificate property when SSL verification is set to FULL. (#17939)

Delta Lake connector#

  • Add support for check constraints and column invariants in UPDATE statements. (#17195)

  • Add support for creating tables with the column mapping mode. (#12638)

  • Add support for using the OPTIMIZE procedure on column mapping tables. (#17527)

  • Add support for DROP COLUMN. (#15792)

Google Sheets connector#

Hive connector#

  • Add Hive partition projection column properties to the output of SHOW CREATE TABLE. (#18076)

  • Fix incorrect query results when using S3 Select with IS NULL or IS NOT NULL predicates. (#17563)

  • Fix incorrect query results when using S3 Select and a table’s null_format field is set. (#17563)

Iceberg connector#

  • Add support for migrating a bucketed Hive table into a non-bucketed Iceberg table. (#18103)

Kafka connector#

  • Add support for reading Protobuf messages containing the Any Protobuf type. This is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting the kafka.protobuf-any-support-enabled configuration property to true. (#17394)

MongoDB connector#

  • Improve query performance on tables with row columns when only a subset of fields is needed for the query. (#17710)

Redshift connector#


  • Add the BLOCK_AND_POSITION_NOT_NULL argument convention. (#18035)

  • Add the BLOCK_BUILDER return convention that writes function results directly to a BlockBuilder. (#18094)

  • Add the READ_VALUE operator that can read a value from any argument convention to any return convention. (#18094)

  • Remove write methods from the BlockBuilder interface. (#17342)

  • Change array, map, and row build to use a single writeEntry. (#17342)