Release 362 (20 Sep 2021)#


  • Add support for listagg(). (#4835)

  • Improve join performance. (#8974)

  • Improve performance of queries that contain a DISTINCT clause. (#8967, #9194)

  • Improve query performance by reducing CPU overhead of repartitioning data across worker nodes. (#9102)

  • Split metrics that are reported in operator stats into connectorMetrics and metrics. (#9156)

  • Prevent failure when querying system.materialized_views and a materialized view is dropped concurrently. (#9050)

  • Fix incorrect results for aggregations that contain DISTINCT and FILTER clauses. (#9265)

  • Fix incorrect query results when row pattern contains back references. (#9109)

  • Fix ALTER SCHEMA ... SET AUTHORIZATION to resolve roles using the catalog of the schema instead of the session catalog. (#9066)

  • Fix query failure when query contains a cast from varchar to a shorter char. (#9036)

  • Fix planning failure of INSERT statement when source table has hidden columns. (#9150)

  • Fix planning of recursive queries when the recursion, the base plan, or the recursion step plan produce duplicate outputs. (#9153)

  • Fix failure when querying the optimizer_rule_stats system table. (#8700)

  • Fix failure for queries that push projections into connectors. (#6200)

  • Fix planning timeout for queries containing IS NULL, AND, and OR predicates in the WHERE clause. (#9250)

  • Fix failure for queries containing ORDER BY ... LIMIT when columns in the subquery are known to be constant. (#9171)


  • Add IN catalog clause to CREATE ROLE, DROP ROLE, GRANT ROLE, REVOKE ROLE, and SET ROLE to specify the target catalog of the statement instead of using the current session catalog. This change is necessary to support system roles in the future. The old behavior of these statements can be restored by setting the deprecated.legacy-catalog-roles config property. (#9087)

Web UI#

  • Add query error info to cluster overview page. (#8762)

JDBC driver#

  • Improve performance of listing table columns via java.sql.DatabaseMetaData API when filtering on schema name. (#9214)

Server RPM#

  • Change RPM architecture to noarch to allow installing on any machine type. (#9187)

BigQuery connector#

  • Support case insensitive name matching for BigQuery views. (#9164)

  • Change type mapping of BigQuery datetime from timestamp(3) to timestamp(6) in Trino. (#9052)

  • Change type mapping of BigQuery time from time with time zone to time(6) in Trino. (#9052)

  • Change type mapping of BigQuery timestamp from timestamp(3) with time zone to timestamp(6) with time zone in Trino. (#9052)

  • Fix failure for queries where predicate on datetime column is pushed down to BigQuery. (#9005)

  • Fix incorrect results when using parameterized numeric type with non-default precision and scale. (#9060)

  • Fix query failure when accessing tables with unsupported data type columns. (#9086)

  • Fix failure for queries where predicate on float64 column involving +infinity or -infinity values is pushed down to BigQuery. (#9122)

Cassandra connector#

  • Change minimum number of speculative executions from 2 to 1. (#9096)

Hive connector#

  • Support reading Parquet timestamp stored with millisecond or microsecond precision as INT64 with logical type annotations when Hive timestamp precision is NANOSECONDS. (#9139)

  • Support reading Parquet timestamp stored as INT64 with nanosecond precision. (#9188)

  • Support writing Parquet timestamp stored as INT64 with nanosecond precision when experimental Parquet writer is enabled. To use this, the Hive timestamp precision should be set to NANOSECONDS. (#9188)

  • Support loading of S3 mappings via HTTP(S) url. The property can now either point to a local file or a URL. (#6210)

  • Allow reading from tables bucketed on a column that uses type for which bucketing is not natively supported by Trino. Writing to such tables is still not allowed. (#8986)

  • Extend set of statistics reported by JMX to include metrics for calls made to the Glue statistics API. (#9100)

  • Limit maximum file size generated by write operations to 1 GB by default. The limit is not exact and is applied on a best-effort basis. The limit can be set with the configuration property or the target_max_file_size session property. (#7991)

  • Allow specifying the list of schemas for which Trino will enforce that queries use a filter on partition keys for source tables. The list can be specified using the hive.query-partition-filter-required-schemas, or the query_partition_filter_required_schemas session property. The list is taken into consideration only if the hive.query-partition-filter-required configuration property or the query_partition_filter_required session property is set to true. (#9106)

  • Fix failure when writing Parquet files with Snappy compression on ARM64. (#9148)

  • Fix performance regression when reading Parquet files that contain dictionaries. (#9161)

  • Fix incorrect table locking in Hive metastore when querying unpartitioned non-transactional tables. (#9070)

  • Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using the experimental Parquet writer. (#5518)

  • Fix reading Avro tables written with older Avro versions that had certain semi-invalid schemas. (#9114)

  • Fix possible INSERT/UPDATE/ANALYZE query failure when Glue metastore is in use and table statistics collection is enabled. (#9297)

Iceberg connector#

  • Add support for Iceberg uuid type. (#6663)

  • Fix the mapping of nested fields between table metadata and Parquet file metadata. This enables evolution of row typed columns for Iceberg tables stored in Parquet. (#9124)

  • Fix failure for queries filtering on columns with array, map, or row type. (#8822)

  • Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using the experimental Parquet writer. (#5518)

  • Fix query failures caused by errors reading certain Avro metadata files. (#9114)

Pinot connector#

  • Support pushdown of filters on varbinary columns to Pinot. (#9180)

  • Fix incorrect results for queries that contain aggregations and IN and NOT IN filters over varchar columns. (#9133)

  • Fix failure for queries with filters on real or double columns having +Infinity or -Infinity values. (#9180)

TPC-H connector#

  • Add support for switching the mapping of floating point values between SQL double and decimal types. The mapping can be set via the tpch.double-type-mapping configuration property. (#7990)


  • Change Connector.isSingleStatementWritesOnly() to return true by default. (#8872)