Get Starburst in Azure Marketplace#

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) is available as a Microsoft preferred solution through the Azure Marketplace. Contact Starburst sales to learn more.

Once deployed, Starburst integrates with a number of Azure services including:

  • Azure Blob Storage

  • Azure Data Lake Storage

  • External Hive Metastore

  • Microsoft PowerBI

All of these services are available in addition to Starburst’s suite of enhanced and exclusive connectors.

Support for marketplace offerings#

Starburst offers the following support for our marketplace subscribers:

Deploy SEP#

Use Helm installation to deploy SEP for Azure Marketplace.

Starburst also offers two mechanisms to deploy with AKS, available in our public GitHub repositories:

As you build out your proof-of-concept deployment and beyond, read the extensive SEP configuration section, along with examples.

Next steps#

You can set up these optional items:

The following pages introduce key concepts and features in SEP: