Data domain management#

The Domain management pane allows you to create, edit and delete data domains that define your business. Domains are presented in a list view in alphabetical order. You can sort them in ascending or descending order using the arrow next to the Domain name column header.

Create a domain#

Click the Create new domain button above the list of domains. In the dialog that appears, enter a domain name and optionally, a description and schema location URI for the domain.

Domains with no defined schema location URI by default use the location defined by either the hiveMetastoreWarehouseDir property of the HMS Helm chart, or by the hive.metastore.warehouse.dir property of the hive-site.xml configuration file for your existing HMS.

After you have filled out the fields, click Create domain. The new domain appears in the list.


If built-in access control is enabled, you can only create a domain if you have been granted Create privileges.

Edit or delete a domain#

Click the pencil icon for the domain you want to edit or delete. The domain’s editable information appears.

You can change the Domain name. It is automatically changed for any data product assigned to it.

You can add or change the description in the Domain description field.


It is possible to change the value in the Schema location URI field of an existing domain. However, schemas for existing data products remain in the previously-defined location. Only new data products appear in the updated location.


If built-in access control is enabled, you can only edit or delete a domain if you have been granted respectively Alter or Drop privileges.

All data products must be assigned to a domain. You can reassign a data product to a domain either in its edit workflow, or by editing the domain. The edit screen for a domain contains a list of all currently assigned data products. You can reassign a data product to a different domain by clicking its Reassign link and selecting a new domain from the dropdown.

To reassign all data products to a different domain, click Reassign all and select a new domain to apply to all currently-assigned data products.

To delete a domain, you must first reassign all of its data products to a different domain. When no data products are assigned to a domain, a Delete domain link appears in the domain’s edit screen. Click the link to delete the domain.