Write partitioning properties#


  • Type: boolean

  • Default value: true

Enable preferred write partitioning. When set to true and more than the minimum number of partitions, set in preferred-write-partitioning-min-number-of-partitions, are written, each partition is written by a separate writer. As a result, for some connectors such as the Hive connector, only a single new file is written per partition, instead of multiple files. Partition writer assignments are distributed across worker nodes for parallel processing. use-preferred-write-partitioning can be specified on a per-query basis using the use_preferred_write_partitioning session property.


Use the connector’s preferred write partitioning when the optimizer’s estimate of the number of partitions that will be written by the query is greater than the configured value. If the number of partitions cannot be estimated from the statistics, then preferred write partitioning is not used. If the threshold value is 1 then preferred write partitioning is always used. preferred-write-partitioning-min-number-of-partitions can be specified on a per-query basis using the preferred_write_partitioning_min_number_of_partitions session property.