Administration topics#

Once your Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) cluster is deployed, the following sections contain the topics you need to configure and optimize your cluster.

Most configuration changes made in a YAML file for Helm Chart deployments, or in properties files for non-Helm deployments, require a cluster restart to apply the changes. Security-related files are an exception. Some security features and non-properties files are refreshed without restart, and can generally be configured with a refresh-period property that determines the interval between automatic refreshes.


We strongly suggest that you maintain a staging cluster for testing configuration changes to minimize downtime in your production environment.

Changes made through the web UI typically do not require a restart, including the following:

  • Web UI access control

  • Data products access control

  • Role-based access control for data sources

  • Login screen customizations

General configuration



Find more information about configuring and optimizing your cluster in the following documentation: