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Starburst Enterprise 393-e LTS

Another quarter, another long term support (LTS) release! The new Starburst Enterprise 393-e LTS includes the latest batch of features for our customers. There’s never a better time to upgrade your cluster, so read on for details of what’s included.

The 393-e LTS marks the first LTS release that requires Java 17, bringing better performance, efficiency, and an improved codebase for our engineers to work with. This upgrade allows us to build new features that Java 11 would not be able to support, so we can consider the latest and greatest technologies when designing new features.

The Iceberg connector has been steadily improving over time, and as of this LTS release Iceberg catalogs now fully support CRUD operations as well as the Iceberg v2 specification. This includes support of the newly-added SQL MERGE statement, which has also been added to other connectors including Delta Lake and Hive.

Starburst Enterprise’s built-in access control has been getting steady improvements as well, with support for explicit deny policies and granular control over the newly-added table functions. In addition, the web interface now features an option to download the audit log into a comma-separated values (.csv) file for further review.

These are just some of the highlights that have made it into this quarterly LTS release. For a complete list of features and changes, read the 393-e LTS release notes.

If you’re upgrading to 393-e from Starburst Enterprise 389-e or earlier, you should read our new migration guide with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your cluster for Java 17.

As always, we’re continuing to add and improve features for the next STS release, and we eagerly await your feedback on the release. Cheers!

Joe and Manfred