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A Trino and dbt community success story

The community around the open source project Trino is at the heart of Starburst. The creators and many maintainers are on our teams. Our products, Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) and Starburst Galaxy are based on Trino. And today, I tell you a story that shows how it takes a many people across the globe to provide all the great features of Trino to our community of users and fellow contributors.

Let’s start our story in Europe. In Vienna, Austria to be precise. Marius got interested into Trino there and started to learn more about it by trying it out. It did not take long and he showed up on the community channels.

Marius bumped into Brian and Manfred on the slack channels, and after a few chats online and in video calls he joined us as guest in our Trino Community Broadcast episode 20. We talked about his experience as beginner, and his advances to documentation and code contributor.

In episode 21, Brian and Manfred learned more about dbt and Trino. We also learned that back then we still had to use the legacy Presto support. And the next day we had a proof of concept implementation for Trino dbt support in our hands. Marius was at it again!

With this implementation ready to go, Starburst and dbt labs started to collaborate towards a fully supported release. And a few months later the benefits showed up for everyone.

Brian and Manfred recorded episode 30 of the Trino Community Broadcast about real world usage of dbt at Trino at Talkdesk in November. We were also joined by our dbt champion at Starburst, Przemek, and learned about his work to make the integration fully tested and feature rich.

Marius and Przemek worked with Starburst teams in the USA and Poland to get the integration further improved. This resulted in a fully tested and supported release 1.0.0 of dbt-trino in December 2021. And of course, this integration is open source and available for you all to test and use. Watch the episodes and get started with our dbt client documentation.

Of course our thanks go out to all the other helpers on the way, including Piotr, Amy, Victor, and José. And if you got another client integration, or other feature to test or contribute, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Manfred, Brian, and Marius