Client overview #

Starburst let’s you query all the connected data sources with the most widely used and best supported query language - standard SQL. You can even query multiple data sources with the same query. Simple queries, and these more complex federated queries all access the data right in the source. There is no need for ETL processes.

As a data consumer you can use any supported client tool to connect to your Starburst cluster, and execute your queries. Many tools allow you much more powerful usage than simply running custom written queries. You can create complex reports, charts, dashboards, and many other useful results.

Connection information #

The details you need to connect to Starburst are independent of your tools of choice:

  • URL of the Starburst cluster, including any port used
  • credentials, typically username and password

Ask your Starburst platform administrator for this information.

Let’s look at some examples:

A simple test installation on your local computer, using the default port and no TLS configuration:

  • http://localhost:8080
  • username can be a random string like your firstname since no authorization is configured
  • no password

The same simple test application running on a different server:

  • random username string
  • no password

If you configure TLS, you typically use a loadbalancer or proxy and the default port is then used, and protocol changes:

  • random username string
  • no password

TLS is a requirement for added authorization, such as your LDAP directory. In this case you have to use real credentials:

  • LDAP username
  • LDAP password

Other authorization setups require further details, and support for them varies among client tools.

Starburst client tools and drivers #

Starburst offers a number of supported clients and tools

The JDBC and ODBC driver can be used for many other clients, and you can find instructions and specifics tips for the following tools:

Other client tools and drivers #

In addition, the Presto community and the wider open source community provide numerous other clients and tools that can be used with Starburst.

Other resources #

The O’Reilly book, Presto, the Definitive Guide was written here at Starburst, and contains some great information on getting started with using different types of clients with Starburst. It’s available for free!