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Starburst Admin 1.5.1 release

Announcing the recent Starburst Admin releases 1.5.0 and 1.5.1, which follow-on to release 1.4.0. In this post, we cover what’s new since 1.4.0.

Starburst Admin is the best tool choice for folks looking to install Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) on bare metal or in your virtual machines. Recent updates include:

  • Adjust Java version check to support Java 17 for release version 390-e and higher.
  • Update default JVM configuration for Java 17 for release versions 390-e and higher.
  • Add the ability to install Starburst Admin as a non-root user.

Java 17 changes

Java requirements change based on the SEP version you are installing. If you are not sure which Java version is required, refer the requirements topic.

There are additional configuration properties included in the JVM configuration. Use the configuration file included with this new release of Starburst Admin to ensure your installation completes successfully.

Install as a non-root user

You can now install using Starburst Admin as a non-root user. This requires specific changes to the playbooks/vars.yml file.