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Starburst Galaxy adds support for Azure features

Starburst Galaxy is delighted to announce the addition of Azure Synapse as a supported data source. To connect your existing Synapse account, click Catalogs in the navigation menu, then click Configure a catalog. Select the Azure Synapse tile, then provide the connection details for your account. Follow the steps in Azure Synapse catalogs.

Starburst Galaxy also now supports authenticating your Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) catalogs with an Azure service principal.

Service principals are Azure’s way to provide fine-grained access to resources. This change adds a second authentication method for ADLS data sources after the existing Azure access keys method.

Start with External security in Azure to prepare your Azure account to use a service principal. Then see Cloud settings for Azure to configure Starburst Galaxy with a local alias for the service principal and validate a test connection with it. Thereafter, you can use the alias to validate connections with multiple ADLS catalogs.

We hope you find these new features useful, and look forward to your feedback. In the meantime we have a few other exciting new features already lined up. Stay tuned.

Barton and Kamran