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More SSH tunneling for Starburst Galaxy

It was just a little while ago that we released SSH tunnel support for PostgreSQL and MySQL catalogs in Starburst Galaxy. And today it is time to add on to that.

Redshift catalogs

Support for Redshift catalogs just launched recently, and of course it can’t be left behind PostgreSQL and MySQL. So with this release we are adding the ability for SSH tunnel usage with the Redshift catalog.

Hive Metastore Service

The Hive Metastore Service (HMS) is crucial for the functionality of object storage catalogs, since it contains all the metadata about the objects. And just like the data itself often needs more security, so does the metadata. That can be achieved with locking the in a private network. With this update SSH tunnels come to the rescue. You can now use them to connect to the HMS in Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Google Cloud Storage catalogs.

Other improvements

Numerous backend improvements also rolled out, but you won’t notice those directly. However some of the UI tweaks on the query editor come in handy. Specifically the tree view now shows tables and views in the same node.

That is it for today. More to come soon.

Bob and Manfred