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When it comes to security...

We’ve got you covered. The recent log4shell issue is the latest noise in the information security world. And as is often the case with these issues, if you have your software development and information security processes under control, there is more hype than reality around the threats.

You can see from our swift responses to the log4shell issue in the Trino community](, and our own releases of Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) LTS backports](/blog/2021-12-17-lts-backports.html) and a new STS release that we have years of experience with security in our teams. We were essentially not affected, but took the opportunity to trim our binaries and tighten our processes yet again.

And to give you and idea, what we do to ensure your data secure we added a new security section. It now details many of our processes and procedures:

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Manfred and Keavy